Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Chapter 19: Sharks. Failure. Sharkfailure.

Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one's courage.

I'm conquering my fears every single day. I was a afraid of so much.

It's only after you've lost everything that you are free to do anything.

What is your greatest fear?
Maybe we have something in common. 
You've seen do some dumb things before now. You've seen some big mistakes. 
You've wanted to slap me in the face from time to time. 
You've even wanted to give me a hug and say "everything will be okay".
I think every one of those dumb things was a direct result of one of my greatest fears. I won't say which one, but. Here's something.
Fear of intimacy; the fear of getting close to someone physically, emotionally, or mentally in order to prevent getting hurt.


I think we've passed the point of just casually skimming through posts. You relate to something you read around here. No more passive reading.

You may not be in a situation for allows for some of these...but try. 

Look into someone's eyes (for as long as you can) - let them look into yours
Reveal your deepest thoughts to another (no matter the consequence)
Feel deep love for someone, and stay with it fully (rather than 'shut down' a little for 'safety's sake') 
Know yourself - know who you are as much as you can
Share yourself - share who you are as much as you can

I want you to think about this. I mean it, and I mean it to everyone who reads this. I want you to take one minute, or five, to tell me about which of these challenges you chose. Most will only be able to mess with the first two. Tell what happened, and how you felt.

You can message me on facebook with it, or send me an email. I'll choose the most honest one.

The winner gets a very special prize, not just a card or letter. But I'll need your mailing address. gotta be a registered follower. Read on, Romantic.

Acknowledge your fears. Face your fears. Conquer your fears.

The Oilfield Romantic

Update: Today, work was great. Finalized the deal with Western Petroleum.  This is a huge weight off of my shoulders. 

We're also getting closer to the vacation/massage/dinner contest. Don't go anywhere.

One of my all time favorite songs, the video that is posted above.

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