2012/Bucket List

1. Noodling in Oklahoma followed by a catfish fry on the beach
2. Deep Dish Pizza in Chicago
3. Gumbo in New Orleans
4. BBQ in Dallas/Ft Worth
5. See buffalo in Theodore Roosevelt National Park.
6. Drive through Indiana
7. See a harvest moon in Kansas
8. Meet a girl from Amarillo
9. Chinatown in San Fransisco
10. Eat an alligator in Florida
11. Los Pollos Hermanos in New Mexico
12. Pepperoni Roll in West Virginia
13. Philly Cheese Steak in Philly
14. Lobster in Maine
15. Navajo Taco in Arizona
16. Moose burger in Montana
17. Mashed Potatoes in Idaho
18. Starbucks in Seattle
19. Cheddar Cheese in Wisconsin
20. Chili in Cincinnati 
21. BBQ in KC
22. Go to Rome, Georgia, eat peaches off a tree
23. Climb a water tower, in Paris Tennessee.
24. Go to Florence, Alabama and drink Muscadine wine
25. Find the girl of my dreams and make her mine.