Wall of Fame

This is where I list the names of people who are reading the blog...just as a thank you for reading!
In the comments, write:

1.Your Name
2. Your Location
3 How/When we met
4. Something interesting you know about me

Thanks and love you all! Greg


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  2. Misty Nielson
    Logan, Utah
    Also, I don't remember how or when we met, probably as wee little kids running around some playground.
    I remember you, Reed, and T.J putting on concerts for us at lunch in Mrs. Luke's room in 5th grade. I believe your favorite band was Metallica.

  3. LeeNichole White
    Currently: Roosevelt, UT. In my mind: Disneyland.
    The story of how we met can be found in Chapter 6 of this blog, which definitely makes me the most famous person here.
    The most interesting thing I know about you is actually something I know BECAUSE OF you: Belly dancers' bellies don't dance. They dance. And their bellies are showing.

  4. Anna Andreasen
    Vernal, UT
    We met when we became brother & sister :)
    I have the cutest, smartest, funniest, best daughter in the whole wide world :D

  5. Andriana Puchany
    Tioga, ND/ Fargo, ND
    We met one morning at work. You're one of few that know and can pronounce my full name. I call you Gregory.
    You are fluent in Chilean Spanish (the best kind!), you like your eggs over-easy, and there is MUCH more to you than the eye can see..