Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I don't think I'm gonna go to Utah anymore. Let's take a breather.

Okay, so the song that is playing the day I'm posting this, is John Mayer's "In your atmosphere". I absolutely love this song (I can even play it on the guitar). This is exactly how I felt about Roosevelt, after breaking up with Lee more than a year ago.

"I'd die if I saw you, die if I didn't see you there."

I kind of never wanted to go back.  Luckily, things are different now. I'm excited to go back to Roosevelt and visit my family, although I guess it's really just my mom and Anna/Zac, and most importantly my niece Ashtynn!!! She's the only girl in my life right now.  I miss her very much.

Anyway, this is a break from the usual.

I think we could all use one. Today we went back out to Cascade, in Ross.  After a few hours of me fiddling with the equipment, it all seemed to be working (in a manner of speaking).

So I took off to take care of things in Minot, while Chett and Freddy worked away at cleaning up a bunch of tankers.

I filed my tax return. I'm getting 2600 bucks back. Thank you, Uncle Sam. (Actually, the tax system is terribly flawed and probably corrupt). At least I'll finally have a couple dimes to rub together.  And I'm making a trip to Utah/Colorado at the end of the month. :)

I'm going to hit up Power Fuels here soon, to see if we can get work for them.  They are a HUGE water trucking company out of Watford City, ND.  They have like 8 different yards across the state. 3 of those yards are along highway 2, between Tioga and Minot.  I'm gonna try to get all three of them.

See Greg. See Greg chase. See Greg chase after his dreams. Chase Greg, chase.

We'll continue with story time tomorrow.  Love you all, and thank you for reading this stuff. I'm glad my life is mildly entertaining. :)

Oh yeah, happy Valentines Day.

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