Tuesday, February 28, 2012

BONUS POST: Who's in charge? I am.

One time, before my mission, I took my girlfriend out to Salt Lake City to see a laser show at the Clark Planetarium.  It was The Dark Side of the Moon, by Pink Floyd.  I am a big Floyd fan, and she was a good sport. 

We got out right at about midnight, took a friend home to Provo, and after a while of being lost down there, found our way back to Provo canyon.  By this time, it was probably two in the morning.  We talked and laughed, and held hands as we always did.  We could never keep our hands off each other. I mean we always had to be in contact somehow, even if it was just the little pinky hold that people often do instead of actually holding hands. 

It was a very clear warm night and the stars were shining in all their glory.  She told me how she had never in her life seen a shooting star.  I thought that was an insane notion. How can you be alive for 18 years and not see a shooting star? Do you just never go outside at night? 

All of a sudden, a big shooting star goes blazing across the sky.  The timing was impeccable.  It was like something out of a movie.  

"Quick! Make a wish!"  She tells me.

"I don't make wishes on stars." I reply.  She gets this puzzled look on my face as if I'm crazy.  

"Why not?" she asks.  I don't even think. I just open my mouth. 

"Because...I already have you", I reply. 

True story. 

Okay, that was a little gift for everyone who's still reading this.  Yeah, that really happened. I'll never forget it, and neither will she.  Yes, I'm that good. 

I'm also in charge of my life. 

I do things like hop on a plane, land in Salt Lake, pick up a new truck, go on a date ten minutes later, and dance the night away.  

I do things like, take a week off to relax, get a massage in Denver, eat at a fancy restaurant with my homegirl Allison. 

I do things like drop out of college to start a business or two, then decide to go back to school after realizing that I don't in any way need a diploma to be wildly successful.

I do things like tear an engine out of an old Chevy, pull it apart, clean it, rebuild it, repaint it, and re sell it.

I do things like drill for oil in blizzards and tornadoes.

I do things like ride my horse into the mountains, kill a wild animal, and eat it. 

I do things like live my life by my own terms, and not apologize ever.

I run my life, and I don't depend on anyone else to run it for me. 

I make things happen, and I never just watch things as they happen. 

I'm in charge. I'm smooth. I'm ridiculously good looking. I still have it. And by now you might be thinking, "Where can I find a guy like that?"

Here's the short answer: You won't find anyone like me, because there is no one like me.

Believe it.  


  1. So much more refreshing than the blather from all the insecure guys who've played by the rules their whole lives, only to see that you've accomplished and experienced more already in your young life than they ever will. Great post, my friend.

    1. Thank you, Sir. I look forward to your upcoming blog posts!