Saturday, February 11, 2012

Chapter 4: Complete Nonsense (High School/Family Introductions)

So I figured, you can't understand all of the present happenings and attitudes without putting them into context.  Talking about who I am up to this point has kind of been fun. I think we can into a few more details.

Chapter 4: Complete Nonsense (High School and family introductions)

High School was fun. I wouldn't go back and do it again, but it was fun. I had the best of friends, I was active in extra-curricular stuff, and usually always had a job.

Freshman year: I don't remember very much...

Sophomore year: I remember a little bit. I had a lead in drama.  I should have been first chair in orchestra, but someone had seniority (although they weren't as good as I was).  I wrestled, for the second year. Sucked at it. Loved it.  Lots of college classes.

Junior year: 1st real girlfriend. 1st kiss.  Yeah. I was seventeen years old. She totally stole that one. Wanna hear the story? There's a lot of context on that one, so I think it will have to be its own chapter. Did lots more college classes.

Senior year:  Quit college (I was accepted at CSM, and nothing was going to transfer). Worked full time at the lube shop.  Rebuilt engines for fun.  Still had a girlfriend.

All throughout high school, I had the same group of friends. For a large part of the whole high school experience, I didn't get to see my friends much.  I was always with a girl instead of with my brother and the guys.  I don't regret anything from those days, but I wish I had done a few more dumb things with my friends.

Honestly, I was extremely unhappy during my freshmen year of high school. That much I do vaguely remember. Nobody else would have ever guessed, but I had some serious issues going on.  It was a kind of self loathing, self worth thing. I don't really know when it began, but I do remember when it ended. It ended when I met my best friend, LeeNichole White. (She will get her own chapter, or ten).

Before I get into anything else, I want to kind of put together a list and description of characters. At the beginning of every post, there will be a short description of characters so you can get the context.

Dad- Dentist, Army Reserves Major in Dental Corps. Avid fisherman, hunter, pilot.  Into horses. Kind of crazy. He grew up in Ogden Utah.  Lived (and lives) life on his own terms.  Put himself through undergrad at Weber State University without going into debt. Served a mission in Brazil.  Very disciplined style of raising children. Awesome provider, all around best dad ever. He's currently in Kuwait until sometime in April.

Mom- Grew up back east (either in Ohio or West Virginia, or both) Teacher, convert to the LDS church, served a mission in Paraguay, big into family get togethers.  Super over protective, normal for a mom.  All around, supermom.  Pretty sensitive, and her feelings are easily hurt. She worries too much whether or not she has offended someone.  Also, she got me into Pink Floyd.  Took me to my first concert (Creed, I was 11). She dragged us all over the country as kids to see pretty  much everything. Very cool.

Reed- Twin brother. We've never really been tight, but we have each other's backs.  He did enough shenanigans in high school to cover the both of us.  Seemed to have a different love interest every month. I thought they were all stupid.  Especially Marissa Labrum.  (This will be part of a different chapter).  Presently married to Rondalei Jones Page, lives in Logan, Utah.

This is where I need Roosevelt people to not give this blog to anyone else....NOT ANYONE.  I'm going to be brutally honest around here. Feelings can get hurt.

Anna- big sister, two years older.  Seemingly always in trouble for something (in high school, not at present).  Hung with "the wrong crowd" (according to me at the time).  Big mouth.  Lots of cuss words. I wasn't a big fan at the time.

Emily- quieter than Anna.  Basically same group of friends as Anna.  Not so much trouble. A little bit nicer I guess (at the time; now they're both nice).

If you've made it this far, and have read all the previous posts, leave a comment that says "Finished". Then I'll start on chapter 5, which will be "What really happened". This will include meeting Lee, letting go of bitterness, an forgiving myself and others.

Also, chapter 5 will include some of the dumbest things I ever did in my life.

Chapter 6: Crime and Punishment, AKA The history of my love life. You don't want to read this one. Seriously. Well, if you insist.  You might see some of my more romantic side.

Chapter 7: Life, death, and music.  Why I don't play the piano anymore. At least, not for anyone to hear.

Chapter 8: The Eye of the Storm

Chapter 9: 5280

Chapter 10: Close calls and Fakawee's Family Restaurant


  1. You make me want to start blogging again and finish my dang book.
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  2. finished! can't wait for the rest :) fun to get to know you in a new way!

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      I can't put this book down. Very intrigued & enjoying immensely!