Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The OFR Volume 2: To hell with surrender. Ride or die.


I’m a good man with a good heart
Had a tough time, got a rough start
But I finally learned to let it go
Now I’m right here, and I’m right now
And I’m hoping, knowing somehow
That my shadow days are over

My shadow days are over now

I feel like giving up on the blog would be like throwing up my hands in surrender to the challenges I've been faced with lately. All I have to say to that is,

To hell with surrendering.

Now, I'm not sure how many people will actually stop to read this thing, but at the moment, I don't really give a damn.  I don't write it so much for you as I do for myself.  Kind of like playing the piano, in that regard.  There will always be someone who can play, or write better than I can.  The difference is, I play and write from the heart.  

I'm starting a new chapter in my life, in a new (old) place, but everything is different this time, especially me. It will be interesting to face the old challenges with a new perspective, and the new challenges in an old setting.  

However it might sound or read, it will be honest. I believe that's the most important thing about all this; honesty. 

I'm currently on the side of the road, hood up, shut down, and overheated.  I've been pushing the truck pretty hard since last night over mountains and through canyons, and unfortunately the thermostat just won't take it anymore.  

Am I discouraged? Not really. I'm more annoyed at the fact that I'm not sure when I'll make it to Denver tonight, as I have a BBQ I need to make, and a date I need to meet there. But, seeing as I had some down time, I figured I'd come out and say this.

Tough times don't last, tough people do.

I'm ready. I'm ready for life to throw at me whatever it has in store. I'm ready to be kicked and punched, and shot and stabbed by it.  I'm ready to work my hands raw to achieve my goals, and to conquer my giants.  

I'm ready to fall in love again, and to have my heart broken again, if that what it comes down to. I will never let the fear of failure stop me from trying over and over and over, because one of these times, I'll have success.  I'll find the right girl and make the right deal, and I'll get everything I ever wanted in my life.  

Until then, stay strong, Romantics.  And read on, if you care to.

The Oilfield Romantic


  1. Well I am glad to know you will continue to write, how else would I keep up with you? I do miss seeing your smiling face around Premiere. Hope all is well. :)

  2. If this were fb ... I'd simply click the LIKE button!

    Thanks YOU! ;->

  3. I started reading your blog today, about 4 hours ago. I finished reading it just now.

    It was like a book I couldn't put down.

  4. Great writing oil field Romantic! I really enjoyed reading your stuff. Keep it up!