Thursday, July 26, 2012

The sun will rise.

The sun will rise, the world will turn.
The flares and the fuel will continue to burn.
The pumps will pump, the trucks will roll,
and a broken heart will take no toll.

The rigs will drill, the fracs will frac,
and my friends and family will have my back.
The generators will hum, and the sirens will sound,  
and the Oilfield Romantic will never back down.

Watford City, Keene, Mandaree, Kildeer, Williston, Tioga, Epping, Grenora, Bowbells, Stanley, Sidney, Epping, Newtown, Arnegard, Alexander, Glenburn, Minot, Bismarck, Ray, Ross, White Earth, Williston. 

I will miss hearing these names everyday, seeing these towns every day.

I will miss seeing the trucks roll in and out of the yard, the drivers waving and nodding at me, the clear nights and all the shooting stars, and the amazing North Dakota sunsets and sunrises.

I'll miss living out of the K&G and the Cenex, the Food Pride and the Black Gold Suites.

I'll miss my friends, my family here.  I'll miss the rigs, the fracs, the flax fields, and the sunflowers.

North Dakota has been a wonderful and challenging stage of my life.
I'll never, ever forget you.

I feel like I'm in the last week of  my mission.  When you've put so much of yourself into a place, bled for it, sweat for it, cried for it; That place becomes a permanent part of who you are.  You beg to God that you can someday return. You hope and pray that the people there are taken care of, and protected from harm.

Pieces of my heart have been left in many different places- Denver, Grand Junction, Brundage Canyon, Concepcion, Temuco, Victoria, Talcahuano, Gorbea, Canete, Carahue, Camilo, Wamsutter, Neola, Roosevelt, and now, the peace garden state.  

A large part of my heart will always be here, just as a big part of it will always be in Chile.

Someday, and I know that day will come, the parts of my heart that are left over will be given to a very special girl.

Until then, I'll always have the oilfield.

It might take my life someday, but it will never break my heart.

The Oilfield Romantic

I'm not sure how much longer the blog will continue, or if it will continue at all.  This has been an amazing journey into my own heart and soul, and I appreciate everyone who ever took a minute to read through it.  

Thank you all for sharing in this experience.  I love you all.

Gregory George Page II


  1. Love you back!

    Thank you for all you've shared .. (to date ... )!

  2. Brought a tear to my eye! Did you ever get the the peace gardens? You always have a home here in ND with us. Know that our door is always open to you. Much love!