Tuesday, April 17, 2012

...It's all for the best? Of course it is.

When I become a star, we'll be livin' so large, I'll do anything for you.


Another guy my age, with my job, work, salary, etc would be out buying toys. I'm talking, new truck, jet ski/boat, new guns, lots of clothes, whatever. I, on the other hand, hate spending money on junk.

I'm thinking more along the lines of assets (like silver, or income properties).  I'm thinking of planning for the future, not just living in the moment and buying fun toys.  Roth IRA's and stock options are more interesting to me than big screen tv's and ATV's.

Am I growing up too fast? Should I be doing a few of the normal things that a normal 23 year old guy does?

Should I continue as I have been? Making wise choices based on future benefit? Or should I live more for the moment?

Just wondering what ya'll think about it.

Of Course it is...

Okay everyone, I've been pretty busy this last week or so. I haven't been able to dedicate much time or thought to writing another post.  My fellow bloggers seem to have fallen into the same hole recently.

I've been contemplating the words of Little Brother as well as those of Big Sister.

We all seem to share so much more than we realize. Sometimes I think that we isolate ourselves, thinking that no one  else can possible understand what I'm going through, or that our situation is unique, has never occurred before.

Well, I've been out in the field since Wednesday or Thursday.  I've been staying out back behind the truck terminal in a trailer park of sorts.  One of my fellow logistics managers has a camper that he lets me use (I don't know why he has it).  I've been crashing there all week.

I wander into the office around 6 in the afternoon, transition with the day dispatcher, then hang out all night at the desk, answering phone calls and sending fuel to different parts of ND and MT.  It can be pretty exciting, when a bunch of people start calling in for thousands of gallons of fuel, and we have to scramble to get trucks and drivers put together.  At the end of the night, when everyone is covered, I get a pretty accomplished feeling.

It's around eleven thirty in the morning at the moment. There's a pretty good rain coming down here in Minot. I'm sure by the end of the week, the whole town will be green and pretty, and the trees will be budding.

I've been awake and running around since about four o'clock yesterday. I left the office this morning at seven thirty, and drove straight to Minot, making it to church just before it started at nine.  It was really nice to be there. What an uplifting place...church.

I've been thinking about the relationships I have with other people, and how I feel about being up here at the end of the world. Whether I'm actually working or not, I feel like I can't get away from the feeling of the workplace.  Maybe I've just made North Dakota in general my place of work.  I feel like I can't relax anywhere here anymore...like I've ruined it...

I think it's time for me to get a massage. That will make it all better.

Life is as awesome or as terrible as we make it 
Attitude is Everything

I learned this from being cold and hungry all the time somewhere in South America.

I'm now going to go out and fix some equipment that is broken down.  

Yeah. Tools. Engines. Oil. Manly stuff. You know. 

Oh, and by the way, I went and saw Titanic 3D the other day.  I didn't get choked up or anything, although I always seem to hope that they'll see the iceberg in time to miss, as if somehow what happened in history might just be able to change itself.  Kind of silly.

Jack Dawson (Leo D) was a pretty awesome character.  He really held his own around the 1st class people, although he himself was from 3rd class.  Pretty impressive thing to do for a spoiled rich girl.  Of course, I would have done the same. 

This is kind of an unsubstantial post, but I'm going to get back into my creative "zone" and this is part of my transition.

Good things are happening. The world is a crazy place, and as beautiful as we want it to be.

Wha wha wha wha what did she say? Mmmm whatcha say,
Mmmm That you only meant well? Well of course you did.

The Oilfield Romantic
and friends.

At least I'm never bored.

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